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Cellulose Insulation in Edmonton

When you want to protect a home or business, you must choose the right construction materials. Some materials in a building won’t ever be seen after construction, but that doesn’t diminish their importance. For example, your customers or tenants will probably never see your insulation, but it can have dramatic impact on the safety and durability of the building. When you need a versatile, cost-effective insulating option, consider cellulose insulation from the Edmonton-based team at L.L. Climatic Insulation Ltd.

Benefits and Applications

As far back as the 1700s, contractors have relied on cellulose insulation. The primitive version came from plant fibres. Nowadays, cellulose insulation comes primarily from recycled newsprint treated with flame retardant chemicals.

The cellulose insulation our Edmonton team uses has numerous benefits, including:

Fire resistance

We treat our cellulose insulation with chemicals that discourage the spread of fire. This minimizes the damage fires cause, even in linked buildings such as townhouses.

Gapless fit

Cellulose insulation offers high energy savings because it fits seamlessly into most spaces, with minimal gaps or air pockets. Contractors benefit from this tight fit in buildings with small nooks and crannies, including commercial retail spaces.


Unlike some other types of insulation, cellulose does not compact or rot over time. It resists mildew and mould, in addition to discouraging crawl space pests. These characteristics protect your initial investment, making this insulation an ideal choice for people building on their own land.

Noise dampening

The dense nature of cellulose insulation limits noise transfer. Contractors use this to make side-by-side apartments quieter, as well as to create sound barriers in studios and performance halls.


Cellulose insulation comes from recycled organic fibres. This material emits no chemicals and requires little energy for manufacturing and installation, making it one of the most eco-friendly options on the market.


At L.L. Climatic Insulation Ltd., we have more than 35 years of experience with installation and upkeep. Let our professionals handle your project to ensure you get the most out of your cellulose insulation. Our Edmonton office provides free quotes. Call 780-463-3835 to get yours today.

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